The Misfit

Believe on this misfit. Because if misfit fits, it is unique.

Never be shame of starting from the begining

I just went through my previous note and realized that no one has ever gone through it. I have to accept it  because this is not a social media or a social network which we get informed all the shits of everybody. instead this is a quite place to hide in and to talk to yourself.

I remember the day I was sting next to my father, traveling to kegalla with our own red colored truck. It was extremely unconditioned and  terrible sounded. We had our ordinary level class there, so my father used to give us a ride every Saturday and Sunday morning. if it is a rainy day, it was very hard to be inside without getting wet. Almost all the seals leak inside. vipers didn’t take the responsibility of a heavy rain. There was a risk of loosing the blades of the viper if it has been operated in such rain. Water splash over the mudguard and comes inside from the holes which can not be further repaired. My father spent countless hours in garages, tire centers and electrical workshops to repair that vehicle.

After a long decade he bought a van. It was a big achievement to move in to a new vehicle though it is a used  one. We enjoyed driving it a lot because it had some features which we defined as luxury. But every one but us was not considered as good vehicle. We replaced its engine, gear box, clutch plates and break pads apparently almost all core components have been replaced by my father.

Last week after all these hardships, he has climbed his level top. he bought a brand new unregistered car which has manufactured in 2016. it has all the functions and very easy to drive. He should be quite happy because he might remember the old vehicle he had years back when he is driving this masterpiece.




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Good Writing is Sexy

To be frank, I’m neither a good writer nor a reader. If I write now, it will full of crap and no one would bother continue on reading on my blogs. But if someday I  filled a piece of paper with some good writing, it will broaden up the visionary of anyone who reads it. You can squeeze out your thoughts, your ideas, the way you see things, articulate your imaginations and keep your head on to growing your self.At the same time, people who can write excellently are the ones who seem bit odd but actually they are far more advance.

In the contest my girl friend is a brilliant writer. I might not be good enough either to put a comment in on her talent but still representing the general public, her writing is extraordinary. She is the one who shows me that her appearance is not the only thing makes her sexy but her writing.

So I start here, I write and I appreciate anyone who would spare their time on reading this. And if anything needs to be corrected  please comment bellow.

I will write until I reach to a level such that my each and every word speaks out loud.

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Dangerously Believing my self   

I went infront of my boss, who was always kind man bt a man i hated the most in my job. He is an innocent good guy, no doubts. I said that Im going to resign. With full of guilt about what he will be thrawing at me. He was calm but surprised hearing something he would never expected to hear at the moment. Today os the day I changed my whole path in to another strange direction where i was never be in the industry. Bt it doesnt matter as long as that path help me to become who I always wanted to be. Here after, my life will build on my  abilities. My performace would be the key thing to my success. It will be lot of stress but Im happy because i aint doing shit to make money. As I always believe, living in your dreams will not be a shame. Having dreams about your life is something common. But working towards that dream would be not that easy. Because we are living in a world which is not we have created. But if you have any crazy idea to create your own world, you will do what I did today. What I have to say is, I’m dangerously believed on me.


It is a gloomy Monday in the middle of March. Get slightly drunk with my girl friend and came back home driving miles. Today I work up, got cloths on and walk out of home to do the most hated thing in my life. It might be my own problem that I can not make up my mind to do things I hate. I want to quit this place as soon as possible from the 1 st week i started working here. It may be a bad period of my life, but I have to pass it through. She is the only reason why I spend 5 horrible working days per week. I know life is not something comfortable after i got my ass out from the uni. But life is thousand times worsen if you asked to do something you hate. I haven’t been such stressing days in my life. Um both physically and mentally down and I cannot go outa this hell. Dont ask me to make up my mind which i really cannot do. It is better quitting this job and stay home doing nothing. Which I cannot do either. But I will spend these days some how. It is because I know that i will go home everyday by 5 and I will be able to go Kandy at every week end. Because time passes. And i have a little wish,that the phone will ring someday.

You don’t make sense!! 

Well, Do you make sense? Do you ever think that the things you are doing right now really sense to people. You may ask what is my audience. Because it really maters. You cannot go in front of a group of monkeys and talk about philosophy. Instead you would throw some bananas because throwing bananas would make sense to them. Here I took a hard example not to offence some one but it just came across my mind and it is so funny. And it may be a good example for the subject which i am going to talk today.

People always do things which make sense. If it doesn’t make sense to someone does not mean that he is completely out of his mind. It is just the fact that the audience unable to grasp that meaning. If you look at Pablo Picasso drawing, you may cannot understand anything he is trying to talk with you. Instd you may say he is a fool. Yes you are correct. Because his work cannot explain in your domain. If you keen on understanding what he was trying to said you have to learn his language. If you are not, you might not give a shit about it. But if you decide to lean his language, congratulations!! You are going to enter into a whole new world of some one which you have never explored before.

Well if you think on your side, the other side of the picture, are you free enough to explore some one elses life. In the society which I’m living right now is not the place to get connect with people in such manner. People merely meet, discuss about ideas less and people are totally dumb. So no one would try to understand the another. So no one will make sense to anyone.


Have your ever think about a life of a blind man. What does he see every day, How he managed him self all alone?. It might be a deep dark space where the sound is the only existence. What if he is not belongs to a rich family. Particularity a beggar. On the way back home in my daily train, met such a person. He is old. He had a flute between his lips and he was playing an old classic. He played it with little pauses time to time. When he finished his performance, he went through us. He was saying something, he might be justifying why we should give him a coin. But it was not needed. I gave him 20 rupees, knowing that it wont be enough,  it might go to a third party or he might collect money and drink or smoke or what ever. But I liked to see a smile on his face.A smile which lite up when his body has touched by my poke. A smile knowing that he is paid off for what he performed- to his life.


Why do people addicted to fb. There might be so many reasonings people have stated.let me give one fact about that addiction . Fb users  see a diffrent world in it. a diffrent world not like you see in movies but you can see around your society. As human we are unsatisfied creatures. Do you remeber any moment, you feel happy and complete and at the same time you login to your fb account and roll down? You may not. That is because you dont need anything more to complete you at that perticular moment because you feel happy. But when you feel lonely and incomplete, what will you be searching for is your mobile phone. Fb is so popular may be the majority of the society feels incompleteness nowadays that anyother days in the history.

Personal Space 

Sometime I wonder over her suspicious actions where she becomes a silent and unreachable character all of a sudden . She marks her boundary, places herself in it and covers herself with a thick dark blanket.Then she cannot listen my voice, sense my touch and notice my corporation thereafter. Such actions frighten me. I wish I could read her like a book as every boyfriend. Not to make her feel uncomfortable but to understand how to make her happy. But i know, No one cannot read another. If that happens the balance of the nature will be vanished. We have to respect others space too. But still it is scary. Because I’m not like that. Don’t i have a personal space then? i should have. She need not to be like me. That’s so true and fair. So what i should do is, make up my mind and wait until she removes her blanket and step out of her boundary. I will be there at the corner as always. If I’m not there she has to find me.

Live Life Strong

It was last Friday I first saw him at the railway station. He was sitting near to the ticketing counter. A visually impaired man with a white stick. He was carrying a heavy baggage on his right hand. As he couldn’t read the time table shown on the screen, he was listening to the announcements consciously. Train arrived and we both got in to a same compartment. Train started to move

On That day I found out 3 precious things in life. Smile, be thankful and fight. ( Have a small pause when u say the 3 words)

He didn’t have an idea to whom he was smiling to. But he was smiling to each and every one he thought is a human. He had a window seat. There was a young lady with a baby girl next to his seat. She was quite unhappy even though she had enough room to sit comfortably and trave; , However I could see unhappiness from her face. She was uncomfortable  and little looked  at him annoyingly. But he wlas keep smiling with her. If he had his eyes, he might also do the same. I was wondering why that lady was unhappy.  But the man was not like that. He recognized someone is there and he continued being the pleasant guy.

Why don’t you practice smiling to everyone around you.It doesn’t cost you or harm our ego. Instead it will give an easy access to someone who you want to get connected to. Look at this man. He did not have his eye sight. But still he was smiling because he had something to be happy.

After that as I mentioned The little baby girl on her lap was watching him carefully. The baby girl observed his face, unfocused eyes, his body movements and finally his carrier. There was having a chocolate on her hand, she poked him and brought her chocolate in front of his face.Said, “hey uncle , have a chocolate”.He sensed her touched and somehow got to know that someone is offering something. He was very happy and thanked loudly saying “ Thank you baba”. He thanked everyone who gave him even a little help. Dear friends We have to seek for help from so many people in our daytoday such occasions use that magical word, “thank you”. And experience the magical welcome when you get back to them next time.

Next When he was about to get down from the train, I helped him to bring his bag out of the train. There was a toy in his bag. Obviously it is not for him. He may have family with a baby. Though he is visually impaired he cant live without fighting for his life. He have to earn something and take care about his family. He has to fight.

We all have to fight for our lives from our birth . Don’t give up. Don’t be fed up from the things u have and you don’t. Always try to stay on the battle knowing your goal. When you compare with that poor guy we are all blessed with so many things that person did not have..So Y cant we fight for our goals

When he get down from the train he thanked me as he always does. And I saw his smile again. I realized that there is that 3 key facts of being a human. As you can always do, smile, be thankful to every little thing and fight for your life. These three things will make your life better. Smile, be thankful and fight

Correct by : Chandima Gayan/PM Weththewa

#1 rule in corporate world Ability to demand 

Your employer is not your dream maker. True that he gives you a salary enough to pay your bills, buy things or go for an out with your family at the end of the month. True that he will arrange u a car, insurance and even though a more than comfortable place to work in. He will create your work place in a way that you may feel like home by celebrating your birthdays, parties even he will take care about your spouse and children. He will penetrate in to your life until you feel like its your home. 

 Everyone says google is the best place to work as an tec company. I have never been there but i have heard about how do they care about their employees. More you are offered with unlimited amount of free food you can get from the office more you stick to the company and more you loose will be highly demanded in your company but isolated from the rest of the opportunities. 

  Companies don’t love you. You may be given with a mobile phone , car or what ever property which belongs to the company is not to fulfill your needs. When they provide you some property or a free service, company expects 100 times more commitment from you. If you have given a mobile phone, they expect you in on call for 24*7. Going further they officially ask you not to switch off the phone. They expect your immediate presence If they gave you a office car. 
 So how can you get through this. Never stick in to an one company. Instead not being too much concern about ( i intentionally used too much, because you have to concern about your work up to a certain level) your job role, try to build yourself. Try to invest in you. Make your self fully equipped and make yourself ready to leave the company and join another when ever they kicked you out. Try to do things which you love. Try to find such job. Then you can do a great work there for your company while entertaining your soul as well. But still don’t believe companes  love you. Instead try to invest in your self.  They dont want your hapiness but your flesh in freah. 


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